salmon visualization!!

English version is below

今日のTokyo global RでLTしてきました!





So I talked about visualization of salmon aquaculture a bit in Tokyo.R which is user conference for R.

Just before listen Mr. Markus’s presentation, I was going to talk about “How to find your room with R”, but I just changed my mind 5mins before my presentation, since the google chart was so fascinated.

So here is the chart what I created on R with “googleVis” package. It was quite easy to produce this interactive chart. You just need some kind of panel data then follow the example code.

data <- read.csv(“data/salmon panel data.csv”, header = TRUE)
M <- gvisMotionChart(data, “county”, “year”)
print(M, file=”salma.html”)

My code is like this. So I made the following plot and got excited so much then could not stop to talk about it…


カテゴリー: R, データマイニング パーマリンク